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No, I didn't forget

I'm very behind. I started work on my happiness post on saturday. I'm writing it on xanthe, and it's coming along. Kinda got waylayed with the election thing, 'cause I was suddenly not very happy at all. But I sufficiently over it now to resume. I also wrote a post about ivo's halloween party that I may or may not post as it's no longer terribly topical.

In other news: 51% of this country sucks. And I agree with lilsquishy that when half the country doesn't believe in something, it's probably a bad idea to take it as a mandate. But, fuck it. I'll continue looking at options to leave, tho I'll never actually use any of them, and continue bitching randomly at anybody who'll listen (willingly or no. run now).

In other other news: Kari Byron (of Mythbusters fame) is damned hot. Tho she doesn't spit fire like Scottie, I can forgive that.

In other other other news: getting depressed about election results and spending a day sulking is a bad way to meet work deadlines. Fortunately, I am damned good at what I do. Let's just hope I'm as good as people think I am.
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