Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

24 Sep 14

uh.. work things, and driving was easier than expected, and replaced a car tab ($12), and...

So, I got a couple of messages back in July, from two different people, on 23AndMe, asking if we were related. Specifically via my mother's father's name, Burt.

One asked about specific towns in Kansas, which my mom doesn't know anything about, but the other mentioned a specific name, her grandfather Donald.

Turns out, my grandfather had a brother named Donald.

Turns /out/, after more research, including looking up the 1930 census, that they are almost certainly the same person. So, I just found a cousin. Also filled in several more slots in the family tree.

I was saying to loree earlier that it's unfortunate I'm becoming interested in this stuff at my age.. 20 years ago would have been a LOT better, because most of the good sources WERE STILL ALIVE. Sadly, I think all the genealogists in my family are dead, so I'm reduced to google searches, most of which end at a paywall, to try to figure things out. Birth and death information should not be behind a paywall, damnit. Especially not when it's a hundred years old.
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