Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

16 Aug 14

Long day. Breakfast at Luna Park, back home to drop off leftovers, then to southcenter. Loree got shoes at Nordstrom while I looked at shoes briefly, went to Macy's to look at bedding (I want an acceptably-patterned light weight quilted cotton coverlet, which they sell, but only as part of a set with lots of things I don't need), then The Container Store. Discovered there's now a Lush in southcenter, but did not go in. Then to Best Buy so Loree could get Diablo3, then home to let the dogs out. Then back out, to Costco, then Arby's, then the waste transfer station to drop off sharps. Then home again, to unload the cold stuff. Sat around for a few minutes, then back out yet again, to Redmond and the Root Beer Store. Bought 25 bottles of various things. Sadly, their sugar free selection is very small. But I got one of every kind of grape soda they have, sugar and all. Then we decided to go see Lucy at Cinebarre Issaquah, which - if you ignore the massive flaw of the premise - was a lot of fun.


Tomorrow, Ren Faire.
Tags: daily
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