Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

Phone companies suck, btw.

So, I finally called customer services about the WAP pages I wasn't able to get to. Poor girl had to talk to her manager, and eventually call another department.

Turns out, I should /never/ have been able to get them, and if I want them, I'll have to pay the $5/m for t-zones.

Gotta love a company that's so together I can get a $5/m service for free for 5 months.
I wouldn't be nearly as annoyed about this if I had never been able to get thru to begin with. ::P

So, I have to decide how badly I want to be able to access that data, and whether I want to pay that much for it.

It occured to me that it's cheaper than the unlimited mobile-to-mobile, and that I've /never/ hit my 600 minutes in a single month, even adding the free minutes and the m2m. I /could/ drop it and replace it with tzones, and my bill would actually go down by a fraction.
Tags: telecos suck
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