Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium


So, an update on the phone sitch. After breakfast, we popped over the the TMobile store. They had three phones that had bluetooth: the S-E T610, the Motorola v600, and the Nokia 6600. Didn't like the Nokia's design. I decided I liked the v600 better than the t610, enough to pay the extra money for it (ouch).

So, I get it home, and then discover that it doesn't wanna talk to iSync (at least over bluetooth, I'm told it might work over cable). Grr. I found something that /will/ sync it, but it stores each phone entry separately. but I'll deal with that. Hopefully it'll be better if/when iSync will talk to it.

But it's very pretty, and it's got glowy bits. AND it's got AIM built in (look for TheMartian).
Tags: shopping is hard, telecos suck
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