Martin Tithonium (tithonium) wrote,
Martin Tithonium

30 Jun 14

Soooo, what a day, huh?

Fucked up my back something good just before bed. No idea what I did, but it hurts like hell. Went to bed at 9pm, after setting an alarm for 5:50am. Slept like crap. Got up with the alarm, showered, went to the lab. Got there 20 minutes before they even opened. Got my blood drawn, went and checked in for my barium swallow, and only had 46 minutes to wait. Results of the test? Inconclusive. Everything looked normal, given the known reflux problems. Didn't even see a hiatal hernia. So maybe I don't actually have one? Who knows. Came home. Had some food and caffeine. Morning company call. Discovered sewage was backing up downstairs. loree called plumbers and got them to come out. He arrived while I was on yet another concall, but got him down there with his snake. Which didn't work. He couldn't get it more than 10' or so down the line. Called a guy with a camera. Couldn't see anything. Determined where the line is, decided they had to excavate. Got a quote. Did not burst into tears. Agreed.

So, the nice plumberman disassembled the stairs to the deck. Then dug a four and a half foot hole in the yard. Nobody showed up to help him out, so he wasn't able to finish the repair tonight, but he did get the line flowing again, which is enough. He'll be back in the morning to finish. Permits, inspection, etc etc. All should be done by wednesday.

$6510.82, after tax. Nearly maxed out my credit card paying the first half. We'll be draining most of the joint account's buffer and a good chunk of the remaining credit on the amex paying the other half. Needless to say we are /thrilled/ about that.

And that's just the shit that's affecting me /directly/ today. I won't even go into the vet bills (nicki's blood sugar is running too high, sancho's got a bad tooth) or today's SCOTUS decision.

Needless to say, it's been a pretty crap day and the week does not look to be improving on it.

edit: MotherFUCKER. And now my personal laptop's display is going haywire. Seems to happen whenever something is trying to play video, but given my timeline for replacing it just moved from "as soon as then next revision comes out" to "sometime this century, maybe", this is quite ill timed.
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