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20 October 2012 @ 08:41 pm
I left the network monitor running while I went out. It only keeps the last 10,000 pings. It pings once per second. It reports stats for all data, the past 15 minutes worth, 10 minutes, 3min, 1min, 30 seconds, 10s, and 5s.

eth2 -> 10000/10000 (0.00% loss) min:      0.26ms mean:   6386.87ms max:  21591.44ms
                           900/900   (0.00% loss) min:     15.34ms mean:   6936.26ms max:  21179.75ms
                           600/600   (0.00% loss) min:     15.34ms mean:   6073.93ms max:  21179.75ms
                           300/300   (0.00% loss) min:     15.34ms mean:   4290.72ms max:  21045.19ms
                            60/60    (0.00% loss) min:     16.86ms mean:   4146.21ms max:  19031.77ms
                            30/30    (0.00% loss) min:     28.55ms mean:   7698.15ms max:  19031.77ms
                            10/10    (0.00% loss) min:     28.69ms mean:   9528.90ms max:  19031.77ms
                             5/5     (0.00% loss) min:     28.69ms mean:   8431.82ms max:  19031.77ms